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As each designer can fit differently, we recommend that you check the fit guide for each item.  
Although we try to be as accurate as possible, please remember that this is just a guide.  
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Bra Fitting Guide

Getting it on:

In order to make sure that the bra is properly fitted, it is important to have it placed on correctly.

First, slip your arms into the shoulder straps, then lean forward and scoop your breasts in.  Straighten up and place the front of the band against your rib cage. Reach around to the back and do up the clasp.  Ideally on a new bra, the clasp should be done up on the last hook.  (With the bra as big as it can be.  Bras stretch over time and with wear; this will ensure your bra will last as long as possible.)  Once you have done up the clasp you can adjust your breasts in the cups if necessary.

It is best not to do up your bra at the front and then turn the clasp to the back.  When you do this it stretches the fibres and it can also shorten the life of your bra.  This means that you will not get as much support as you would if you followed the method above.


Checking the fit:

The first step in checking the fit is to ensure that the band size is correct.  You should comfortably be able to place two fingers between your back and the center back of the bra.  If the band is too tight it will dig in and be uncomfortable.  If it is too loose it will not give you the support you need.  The support of the bra comes from the band; the straps are there to give a little lift. 

Once you have the band fit correctly, it is time to adjust the shoulder straps.  You should be able to comfortably lift the shoulder straps about 1.5-2cm or ¾-1 inch.  Your shoulder straps should not dig into you or be continuously falling off. 

Now that the shoulder straps are adjusted, check the cups.  The underwire should not be digging into you.  This indicates that the cup is too small.  The bra should fit flat against your chest between your beasts.  You should not be spilling out the bottom of the bra.  (If you are, going down a band size will fix this.)  The top of the cup should lay flat against the breast. It should not be digging in or creating a gap.


Making it last:

Now that you have a gorgeous, new, fabulously fitting bra here are some tips to making it last.

Most bras should be hand washed.  A laundry bag is a great option to keep your lingerie from getting snagged in the wash, but it’s not always the best solution.  Any underwire or moulded cup bras should not go into the washing machine.  Even with other delicates, the other clothing can land on them crushing the moulded cups and possibly the underwire.  Even delicate clothes are heavy when wet, especially for bras.  Although you may never have an underwire issue, it is always disappointing when a bra comes out of its first wash with a bent wire.  Bent underwires never goes back to their original shape and can be very painful.  If this happens it is best to stop wearing the bra, no matter how cute it is.  Moulded cups will break down much faster when they are put through the washing machine or dryer because as other clothes land on them it slowly damages the cups.  Over time this means that the bra will not last as long as it could have.

Avoid the dryer and wash your undergarments with warm or cold water.  The heat from the dryer or washing will break down the elastic causing the garment to get bigger.  It is best to wash any garment made with elastic or lycra in cold or warm water and hang to dry.  If you have ever had a pair of very comfortable panties that over time started to travel, this is often the cause.

Stack your moulded cup bras in your drawer.  When you fold one side of a moulded cup bra into the other before putting it into your drawer that one cup will always break down faster.  This means that side will stop giving you the support you need sooner than the other side.


Give your bras days off!  Everyone needs time off and your bras are no exception.  The fibres in your bra are working really hard to keep you supportive and keep you looking fabulous.  As they do this they stretch.  If you give your bras 2 days off between wears the fibres will be able to relax into their original shape.  This will make them last longer.  In fact, the more bras you have in your rotation, the more individual wears you will get out of each of them.